Slow down, Enjoy life’s moments and FEEL

green monster juice2 green juice Slow down, Enjoy life's moments and FEEL green monster juice2

Today is the first Sunday of 2016 and I am taking a moment to sit in my beloved ugg boots, yoga pants and a cozy over-sized jumper to indulge in one of my favourite green juices.

To remember to slow down, to offer every stranger who looks at you when they walk by a smile, as your smile might just make their day (and if they are still cranky, well it makes you feel better!)

To bring life to your home with flowers and plants (or at least try) and to worship them with water (And create sticky notes to remember the watering part!)

To nourish your body with with mouthwatering good wholefoods, to sip your juices from fancy cocktail glasses and go get that pedicure – you deserve it (you know you do!)

To read more books, to see the best in the cranky bus driver as you never know someone’s story and to indulge in me time like other people indulge in happy hour on “Thirsty Thursday” nights.

To be grateful for the man you have by your side, to love him unconditionally and to be excited about the future.

And most importantly to choose happiness, to shine from the inside out, and to live, live, live, live.  Not by braking the bank, but live as much as you can feel, to count the moments that you experience and not the calories you eat.

Because when you feel what incredible moments and experiences life can bring, the rest are just details.

The Slow Down Green Juice:

1/2 Cucumber

1 handful Spinach

3 sticks Celery

4 Small Pears


Have a gorgeous start to 2016!

Liz xx


  • Reply January 17, 2016


    I enjoyed this very much. It made me think about how much I am anxious trying to get things just right when I need to enjoy the moments of life.

    • Reply January 21, 2016

      Liz Riley

      Exactly Iris. We need to let go of perfection and looking for that “perfect moment”. Simply enjoy every ounce of what life brings to us and then things will happen for you!

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