Crispy Kale, Courgetti and Beetroot Salad for these sunny winter days

kale and courgetti beetroot salad Crispy Kale, Courgetti and Beetroot Salad for these sunny winter days DSC 6931

Noooo….it’s not winter yet, she says, with the London afternoon sun beaming through the window and warming up my skin.  It feels like the world right now is a little confused – or more so, in denial that the full winter is just around the corner.  The air is misty, the grass is covered in icicles, the leaves are still grasping onto their branches and the sun shines through, still giving the golden colours of Autumn.  So incredibly beautiful.  And clearly not wanting yet to let go of late Autumn.  Usually by this time of year, we would be huddled up with bowls of home made soup and Rob would be baking crusty bread at a speed as if the world was running out of wheat and I would have flour hand prints all over my butt….

Sorry hunny – but this sunshine is still calling for quick and easy salads with a warm cuppa!  Your soup and bread kitchen is going to have to wait!

I absolutely love this salad.  It is super quick and easy, (like all salads should be!), filled with vitamins, healthy fats, topped with some crumbed feta cheese – which is the best part because you get to lick your fingers of feta cheese afterwards (and don’t deny it!  We all love to do it! :-) :-) )


Kale, Courgetti and Beetroot Salad

1 x small handful of kale – washed and massaged in a small teaspoon of olive oil

1 x small courgette – spiralised

1 x beetroot, peeled and sliced

Small handfull of walnut halves

Small handfull of pumpkin seeds

Crumbed feta on top


5 tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tbs of mustard

salt and pepper to taste

Serve up also with some crusty bread

All you have to do? Simply throw it all together like it’s having a party!  That’s it!

Some alternatives I do with this salad is add in avocado for some extra healthy fats or apple slices to add in some sweetness, or both if I am wanting to go a little more crazy beyond the recipe :-) :-)

So don’t reach for that soup just yet….there are still plenty of gorgeous days to bring out a refreshing and delicious salad!


Liz xx



  • Reply December 5, 2016


    Sounds delish. Can you please post your sourdough recipe too? I’ve been making one but have fallen off the bandwagon !

    • Reply December 5, 2016

      Liz Riley

      Hi Elise! Love to! Any excuse to bake some more! We actually forgot to feed our starter for a few days last week, but we put it in the fridge overnight which has actually saved it! I will post one within the next week for you xxx

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